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Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)

Project ECHO links expert inter-professional teams at an academic hub with primary care providers in local communities. Primary care providers, the spokes in our model, become part of a learning and support community, where they receive mentoring and feedback from the team of experts. Working together, community providers get the help and the support they need to provide care to their patients as close to home as possible.

The ECHO Act is officially U.S. law!

The ECHO Act is officially U.S. law! President Obama signed the measure after it had been previously approved unanimously in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Why Sharing May Be The Fastest Way To Transform Rural Health Care

n good news for rural health care in the U.S., President Obama signed the Expanding Capacity for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Act into law last month after it passed unanimously in the Senate.


Providers join ECHO programs through the website.
Once completed, Health care Providers join ECHO
sessions via video conference on a regular basis.

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