How to Start

Starting an ECHO program (referred to as "replicating" or "replication") begins by becoming an official ECHO replication partner, following the three steps below - Learn, Agree, and Train. There is never a fee to become a replication partner or to replicate the ECHO Model™.


Explore what's possible using the ECHO model to see whether it can work for your local needs and resources.

The ECHO Institute delivers monthly 90-minute virtual ECHO Introduction sessions.  In these session you will be introduced to the ECHO model, learn how it started, interact with others investigating ECHO, and meet members of the ECHO team.  For more information on future information sessions held by the ECHO Institute, please click here.

The ECHO Ontario Superhub is also a great resource to help answer any questions you may have as you explore the ECHO Model. 

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If the ECHO model sounds like it could work for you, you are ready for the next step - partnership documents. These agreements are prepared for and signed at the institutional level (CEO/legal counsel), between your organization and the ECHO Institute®.

Sample Partnership Documents

Signing these agreements is a pre-requisite to attending Immersion training.

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After signing the partnership documents, the next step is for your ECHO implementation team (including at least one specialist or content expert and a program coordinator or administrative/logistics person) to attend Partner Launch Training. Partner Launch Training is an virtual or in-person training covering replication of the ECHO model, offered in Albuquerque, New Mexico (and any of the other global superhub training sites including ECHO Ontario Superhub). Partner Launch Training will help you build an ongoing relationship with the Replication Team and ECHO staff members at the Superhub, who will assist you in setting up your own ECHO clinics.

Topics covered include operations, implementation and best practices, spoke recruitment and retention, developing curricula, evaluation, IT best practices and more, which will prepare you to run a successful ECHO program and establish a new ECHO hub site.

The ECHO Ontario Superhub delivers a full day partner launch training.  The following is a sample agenda that include topics and descriptions:

This year the ECHO Ontario Superhub will be introducing a new topic in our training: Incorporating People With Lived Experince into ECHO.

Refer to this Immersion Planning Worksheet prior to attending to help you think through what you'll require to start your own ECHO. It will also help guide your in-person Immersion experience.

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