There are no mandatory attendance or participation requirements.  General recommendations include participation in approximately 13 sessions (or as often as possible) and participants are encouraged to present one or more cases either on their own or with their team. 

In order to receive CPD credits for a session participants have to complete a short  survey following sessions.
You will be asked to complete a pre-ECHO questionnaire before you start ECHO and a post-ECHO questionnaire when you exit. 

You will require access to a PC/Mac, Tablet or Smartphone with internet access, speakers, microphone and camera to participate. Access to the internet for inter-session communication and session feedback is also necessary.

Videoconferenced events will be recorded and archived for the use of the program. By participating in the videoconferences, you consent to the recording and archiving these events.

Our sessions are every Friday from 12:00PM to 2:00PM

Download the 2017 Curriculum Brochure

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