Paediatric Project ECHO focuses on improving the management of paediatric acute and chronic pain, bariatric care, complex care, and palliative care throughout the province of Ontario. These conditions have a large disease burden, and many of these children can and should receive care in their local community because they often do not require specialized medical tests. The vast majority of paediatric patients are managed by family physicians or nurse practitioners in the community who may have little or no training in managing the challenges inherent in complex childhood diseases.
Paediatric Project ECHO at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) uses a combination of videoconferencing, educational presentations, and hands-on workshops to enhance learning and build a supportive community of practice. Participation offers community-based healthcare providers with access to specialty training, mentorship, and support to deliver best-practice care to their patients. All Ontario healthcare providers interested in learning about paediatric acute and chronic pain, bariatric care, complex care, and palliative care are invited to participate in our program at no cost. This structure is designed to create a virtual community of practice, with all ECHO members learning from each other and sharing best practices.
The ECHO model facilitates “forced multiplication”, with hopes that community providers can serve as local resources for their colleagues to consult on their own cases. The ECHO model has potential to increase system capacity to deliver best-practice specialty for patients in their own communities.
As a participant in Paediatric Project ECHO, you have the option of attending any combination of the program components (clinic, core curriculum, boot-camp), in any or all specialty areas.
This project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
For more information, or to inquire about participating in Paediatric Project ECHO,
please contact us: or 416-813-7654 ex. 309664

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