The Chronic Pain Team


Andrea FurlanAndrea Furlan

Andrea Furlan MD PhD is a scientist and pain specialist at Toronto Rehab –University Health Network. She was the leader of the research team that developed the Canadian Opioid Guideline. She developed the Opioid Manager™ tool and many educational tools to teach physicians, nurses, and pharmacists about chronic pain management.

Role: Co-Chair, Evaluation Committee Lead

Ruth DubinRuth Dubin

Ruth Dubin MD PhD, is a family physician with a special focus on chronic pain and opiate misuse in Kingston ON, and Chair of the College of Family Physicians in Canada - Chronic Pain Committee.

Dr Dubin discovered the ECHO Project while attending a pain conference in Arizona in 2012. After visiting the ECHO team at University of New Mexico in late 2012, and speaking about its successes with Dr. Furlan, the ECHO Ontario project initiative was born.

Role: Co-Chair, Education Committee Co-Lead

Paul TaenzerPaul Taenzer

Paul Taenzer has a PhD in clinical psychology, is the co-principal investigator of the “Ambassador Project” that developed the TOP Alberta primary care low back pain and headache guidelines and cofounder of the Calgary Health Region Regional Chronic Pain Program. He has chaired the Calgary pain conference planning committee from 1990 to 2010.

Role: Executive Committee Member, Education Committee Co-Lead

John FlanneryJohn Flannery

John Flannery, FRCPC, Master Teacher Program trained at the University of Toronto, is the director of Toronto Rehab - Musculoskeletal Program and has expertise in systems change and quality improvement.His wide range of expertise focuses mainly on complex rehabilitation (amputee, SCI, ABI, burn, polytrauma and peripheral nerve injury) with particular focus in complex musculoskeletal disease during the past 10 years.

Role: Executive Committee Member, Operational Committee Lead

Andrew SmithAndrew Smith

Andrew Smith, MDCM is a neurologist and addiction medicine specialist with a focus in pain and substance use disorders located at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and a Clinical Fellow, Wasser Pain Management Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital.

Role: Executive Committee Member


Andrea Furlan, MD ,PhD, Physiatry

Ruth Dubin, MD, PhD, Family Medicine

John Flannery, MD, FRCPC, Physiatry

Paul Taenzer, PhD, Clinical Psychology

Andrew Smith, MDCM, Addiction/Neurology

Orit Zamir,  MD,  Psychiatry

Mandy McGlynn, APL, PT, Physical Therapy

David Clark,  OT, Occupational Therapy

Amy Robidas, RN, Registered Nurse

Lucy Ruggerio, RSW, Social Work

Carlo Ammendolia, PhD, DC, Chiropractic Medicine

Laura Murphy, RPh, Pharmacy

Bonita Rubin,  RPh, Pharmacy

Juno Kim, RPh, Pharmacy

Pearl Isaac, RPh, Pharmacy

Jessica Babineau, Clinical Librarian


 Expert guests may also be present.

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