One standard of mental health care for every child and youth, no matter where they live.


Deliver specialty level mental health care to children and youth in every corner of Ontario by moving knowledge, not people.


The Goals of Project ECHO® Ontario CYMH are:
  • Improve primary care provider capacity to safely and effectively treat mental health problems in children and youth who present in non-specialty care settings.
  • Reduce the need for specialist intervention and increase the speed with which patients can get the care they need. 
  • Create local experts in child and youth mental health care. The long-term goal of any ECHO® program is that local providers refer to these local experts for specialty care. 
  • Reduce disparities in the quality of care for rural, remote, and underserved areas by providing culturally-competent care in a local, environment.
  • Collaborate with primary care providers to develop new models of care and service delivery to underserved areas.
  • Build a virtual Community of Practice for primary care providers that ensure long-term, sustained peer support and a consultation network.

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